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What we do

Private Lending

Specializing in short term financing for experienced rehabbers/flippers. We offer competitive rates with quick and easy approvals for qualified real estate investors. We would love to assist you with your financing needs.
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Real Estate Investing

We have owned hundreds of residential and commercial properties since we began investing in real estate back in 2001. We currently specialize in rehabbing single family residential homes as well as owning and managing multi-family apartments and multi-tenant commercial buildings.
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Business Ownership

Our prior business holdings have included a mortgage brokerage, a candy manufacturing company, a large convenience store, an appraisal company, and a fast-casual eatery just to name a few. Currently, we own Rehab Wallet, a hard money lending company helping fix & flippers with short term lending needs. We also do bridge loans.
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Masterminds / Meetups

Spending time with like-minded individuals and sharing our experiences with others has been paramount to our prior success and is required for future growth. We currently teach and/or participate in several masterminds/meetups and would love for you to join us!
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Speaking / Coaching

We provide public speaking and coaching services to help others expand their knowledge and achieve success. We would love to connect with you and hear more about your personal and business goals.
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Angela Dunn


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